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"Stacey is a remarkable writer in terms of both style and content. Her ledes are among the best I have read. Regardless of whether it is teaching, research and extension, she is able to make the story engaging and interesting. She is self-motivated, and would be a tremendous asset to any communications team. Stacey is able to manage her own and others' writing, as well as an entire publication process, whether on-line or print. Stacey is also very good at social media & maintaining good 'click-bait' streams of content that pull in 'likes' and followers. She has a good sense of opportunities for an institution's online presence. I would hire Stacey -- or work for her!! -- in a heartbeat. As a team player and/or manager, she is among the best I have had the pleasure to work with."

Linda McCandless

Associate Director for Communications

International Programs

Cornell University

"Stacey is a curious, persistent and canny reporter with a knack for finding the heart of a story – even if it’s not obvious at first. Her writing is a pleasure to read – graceful, fluid and flawlessly structured."

Coral Davenport


New York Times

"Stacey is a consummate professional and excellent writer and communicator. She's organized, detail-oriented and overall a fantastic person to work with. I'd trust her with any project."

Anne Ju Manning

Public Relations Coordinator

Colorado State University

"Stacey Shackford is a highly gifted writer, editor, photographer, and content manager. She works fast, meets deadlines, and is a consummate team player. At the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell University, Stacey gained extensive experience in science writing, where she demonstrated great skill at translating often complicated and subtle scientific discoveries into pithy, informative stories that were enjoyable to read and accessible to the general public. She has a journalist's nose for a good news story and is always enthusiastic about tackling new subjects and challenges.

Stacey also has a great deal of skill and experience in social media, where her creativity and sense of fun combine with her passion for communicating exciting new information to the public. Her work was always lively and informative, and as a result was widely enjoyed by our audience. Stacey also frequently employed her exceptional eye and skill with a camera to produce stunning images for use on the Tumblr blog and in our other publications and platforms.

Finally, and most importantly, Stacey is a wonderful teammate and coworker. She is easy to get along with, generous with her time and expertise, and always willing to help others succeed. She is goal-oriented and goes the extra mile to ensure that whatever project the team is tackling gets done well and brings credit to all. In fact, she often shares credit with others for successes that are primarily her own. In short, Stacey has talent, drive, an impressive skills set, a good attitude, and a friendly and easygoing manner."

Rob Costello


"Stacey is a gifted writer, editor and content strategist. An experienced journalist, she was able to churn out stories for a variety of print and digital publications with remarkable speed and without ever sacrificing quality. Her stories, which often focused on translating complex research for more general audiences, were consistently creative, compelling and accurate, and I always envied her knack for finding the perfect lede!

Stacey is a talented and supportive editor as well. She is able to correct, improve and tighten a story while staying true to the author's voice and perspective. As senior editor of the CALS magazine, she managed a complex publication process involving numerous stakeholders, freelance writers, student writers and graphic designers, and demonstrated a keen eye for detail as well as visual and thematic impact.

And somehow she still found time to push for innovation and the promotion of content in new channels--for instance by pioneering the College's Twitter feed and launching its first blog. Any news outlet or organization would be incredibly lucky to have Stacey on their team."

Kate Frazer

Marketing Strategist

The Nature Conservancy

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